Welcome, I am glad that you have found my website.  If you landed here I am assuming that you are looking for ways to effectively deal with bullying behavior.  It may be for you, it may be for a child, whatever your reason I believe that you have found the place that you are looking for.

I have been in violence prevention for approximately eleven years and will share with you the resources and tools that I have learned about over the years.

I am by education and nature a person that is a preventionist, stopping something before it starts, especially hurtful behavior is the ideal situation.  But that doesn’t always happen, most of us had caregivers that lacked the healthy coping skills needed to teach us how to communicate our needs and requests.  My parents generation and mine, used unhealthy substances, hoarding, or shopping as a myriad coping mechanisms.  

As a consequence we have generations of people that do not know how to use the building blocks of prevention, communication skills, emotion managment, conflict resolution, problem solving to help solve conflicts in their lives.  Caretakers feel powerless and fustrated at the lack of help from the school district, you watch you child struggle and feel that there is nothing that you can do.  

Understand that you can learn skills that will help you and your child successfully navigate the scary experience of bullying behavior.  You and your child may be the persons using bullying behavior, or you may be the ones suffering through other’s hurtful behavior.

I am available for consultation on how to create and implement bullying prevention programs for your school or class room.  I can create individual presentation addressing specific problems, also age appropriate information like sexual harassment or child sexual abuse.

Stay awhile and I hope you will find empowerment and peace through knowledge and support.